Monday, 4 March 2013

Crusades, pt. 3

Some more crusaders. Unlike the first lot these are probably nobby types. You certainly wouldn't be able to get around with a beach blonde bowl cut and a black moustache like the chap on the bottom left if you didn't have the full weight of nobility behind you.

Crusades, pt.2

Now for the chaps on the other side. I'm guessing this was fun as well, you got to meet some weird European fellas, marvel at their lack of personal higyene and throw boiling cauldrons of oil at them from the top of your siege wall.

Crusades, pt.1

The crusades were awesome. You got to go from horrible, wet Northern Europe to a nice sunny place, on a horse, wearing armour and carrying a sword. Here are a few crusaders, the lady looks very cross.

Posh NY people

I went to a meeting in New York a little while ago, in one of those posh old hotels where posh old people live full time. At lunchtime they all came down and seemed to have a grand old time, cocktails, salads with anchovies on top and all that. It was like the Galapagos Island of cool old people.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ai, ai, aiai

A cheerleading band of Mariachi skeletons. The whole thing seems to be a bit on the unsafe side of fun, until you notice the chaps in the second row carry little umbrellas in case they fall, so all is good.

Hat friends

A little caterpillar and a exuberantly browed bird meet, and seem to strike a friendship based on the fact both wear hats. That's nice.

Friday, 14 October 2011

DYI Bear, part 5

Finally to the Holy Grail of home improvement (not in the sense that if you use it on something it will grant it eternal life): fixing the sink.

DYI Bear, part 4

A single plank of wood. Like a blank sheet of paper it can be the first cobblestone in an endless path of creative possibilities. Like a blank piece of paper, it's most likely going to be chucked in the bin.

DYI Bear, part 3

Putting something together using instructions always causes unwarranted confusion and no small amount of mental anguish. It's much better to just stick everything together and hope it doesn't collapse, as our friend here seems to be finding out.

DYI Bear, part 2

Here is our bear in action. Approaching an empty light socket, than installing a light bulb with what appears to be a screwdriver. Riveting stuff.

DYI Bear, part 1

Despite a strong showing from the musk ox and the salmon, the stand-out animal from the previous 'O Canada' thingy was definitely the bear. The DYI bear, to be more precise. So here's a little bit more of him.

O Canada

A typical Canadian scene. From left to right: moose, bear, manly Canadian man, peacock, salmon, musk ox, owl. Under the Canadian man's foot we see to platypuses (platypi?) and a toad. At the time of writing I have yet to visit Canada.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Birds with wigs

After a long time pondering if these were birds with luxuriant hair or birds with head feathers that bear an uncanny resemblance to hair, the only logical conclusion seems to be they are birds wearing wigs.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Birds without fezzes

Mammals with fezzes, birds with fezzes and now birds without fezzes. See what happened there? Clever, huh? No. Really. Clever, very clever.

Birds with fezzes

From mammals we move smoothly to birds. Very serious, exuberantly browed birds. The one on the left looks a bit upset; or maybe that's just the way he looks. Which would be upsetting.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mammals with fezzes

A selection of mammals with fezzes. Hard to figure which question should be answered first: what is the proper plural of 'fez' (we went with the obvious 'fezzes') or what the hell is the little chap on the bottom right corner? He looks like the rather confused offspring of Serge Gainsbourg and a chinchilla; but then again who doesn't?